How to Add Sidebar Facebook Page Like Box Option In Blogger Site

How to Add Sidebar Facebook Page Like Box Option In Blogger Site

Best Widget to grow facebook page through website if you have a great audience on your website and you want to grow your Facebook page like your website so this widget will be helpful for you because from this widget your audience directly like your Facebook page in one click this is a awesome blogger widget to grow Facebook page through your website also you can make much more from following on your Facebook page by adding this widget on your blogger site also you can connect more audience through your Facebook page because in Facebook page have a chat option and your audience connect to you with this amazing widget
if you want to add sidebar floating Facebook widget in your blogger website so I will share a complete tutorial with easy guides only for you guys so you can easily create this amazing widget in your blogger website and gain more audience on your Facebook page to your website

What is Floating Facebook page Widget?

we all know that Facebook is a largest and biggest social platform much more users are on Facebook platform also you can create Facebook page and gain more audience and if you want to promote this page from your website so this floating Facebook page widget will be helpful for you because when a user come to your site and his mouse come on Facebook visit a Pop of window open and in this window your page will be appeared and user can like your page also can view your Facebook page so this will be grateful and this will gain your Facebook page audience and also this will create an amazing look for your website and your site will be added in social media friendly side so you can grow more in Google search engine results

Add Floating Fb Page like box

Safe you want to create amazing floating FB page like box widget in your blog website should just follow on simple steps and you will create unique looking FB page like box in your blogger site and gain more audience on your Facebook page through this widget
First of all go to and click on themes action then click on edit HTML and search for <head> and then paste the following code there before the <head>

<script src='//' type='text/javascript'/>
Now Click On Save Theme

Now Goto Layout section of blogger and click on add a gadget option select html JavaScript and paste the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {$(".msfslikebox").hover(function() {$(this).stop().animate({right: "0"}, "medium");}, function() {$(this).stop().animate({right: "-250"}, "medium");}, 500);});
<style type="text/css">
.msfslikebox{background: url("") no-repeat scroll left center transparent !important;display: block;float: right;height: 270px;padding: 0 5px 0 46px;width: 245px;z-index: 99999;position:fixed;right:-250px;top:20%;}
.msfslikebox div{border:none;position:relative;display:block;}
.msfslikebox span{bottom: 12px;font: 8px "lucida grande",tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif;position: absolute;right: 6px;text-align: right;z-index: 99999;}
.msfslikebox span a{color: #808080;text-decoration:none;}
.msfslikebox span a:hover{text-decoration:underline;}
</style><div class="msfslikebox"><div>
<iframe src=";width=245&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;show_faces=true&amp; connections=9&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;height=270" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:4px solid rgb(53, 102, 203); overflow: hidden; height: 266px; width: 240px;background:#fff;"></iframe></div></div>

Note: Change msdesign.rtml with your fb page name


As we have provided full guide to integrate Facebook Page Like Box Option in sidebar of your blogger site. i hope you have easily added fb page like box in your blogger site 

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