How To Create Cool And Beautiful Snow Fall Effect In Blogger Site

How To Create Cool And Beautiful Snow Fall Effect In Blogger Site
hello dear bloggers welcome to our site today in this article I will tell you the complete method of creating snowfall effect on your blogger site if you are interested to create snowfall effect on your own blogger website so stay tuned with this article I will tell you the complete method of creating this you have see many times much more websites are using snowfall effect with looking awesome and gives attraction to users and today I will teach you how can you create this on your blog or website totally free

SnowFall Effect?

now you can see the preview of snowfall effect which will be applied on your blogger site I have also applied this snowfall effect on my website Park themes so you can check the demo by visiting my website you will look a great feel when you see snowfall effect on blogger sites just click on night mode and you will get an extra look of snowfall effect on my website

Tutorial How To Create?

First of all go to blogger then click on themes section after that click on edit HTML section and paste the  code before <body> tag 
Simply press control+F to search any query in theme section
<div class='contentz'>
<canvas class='snow' id='snow'></canvas>
<script type='text/javascript'>
!function(){function t(t){var n=t.getContext("2d"),e=0,i=0,o=[],d=function(){this.x=this.y=this.dx=this.dy=0,this.reset()};function a(){e=window.innerWidth,i=window.innerHeight,t.width=e,t.height=i,function(t){if(t!=o.length){o=[];for(var n=0;n<t;n++)o.push(new d)}}(e*i/1e4)}d.prototype.reset=function(){this.y=Math.random()*i,this.x=Math.random()*e,this.dx=1*Math.random()-.5,this.dy=.5*Math.random()+.5},a(),function t(){n.clearRect(0,0,e,i),n.fillStyle="rgba(255,255,255,.3)",o.forEach(function(t){t.y+=t.dy,t.x+=t.dx,t.y>i&&(t.y=0),t.x>e&&(t.reset(),t.y=0),n.beginPath(),n.arc(t.x,t.y,5,0,2*Math.PI,!1),n.fill()}),window.requestAnimationFrame(t)}(),window.addEventListener("resize",a)}var n;n=function(){t(document.getElementById("snow"))},"loading"!=document.readyState?n():document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",n)}();

After That Click On Save Theme and check preview of site


I have tell you a beautiful method to create snowfall effect in blogger website if you have any doubt or any query related this method you can tell me in comment section of this post or if you want to remove this snowfall effect from blogger site just follow the simple steps go to edit HTML section search for <body> tag and remove the code that you placed there and click on save theme no snowfall effect will be removed from your site

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